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ADV7604: AVI infoframe checksum error (IO map 0x83[0])

Question asked by mra on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by joe.triggs


We want to verify that the AVI infoframe is valid before we read the information, so we check AVI_INF_CKS_ERR_RAW (IO map 0x83[0]). If we trigger an AVI infoframe checksum error, AVI_INF_CKS_ERR_RAW (IO map 0x83[0]) is set. It is neither cleared when the infoframe is valid nor when an other input source is connected. It seems like we have to set AVI_INF_CKS_ERR_CLR (IO map 0x85[0) to clear it. The interrupts are disabled (0x84-0x87 = 0x0). Is this the intended behavior?


We are not interested in checksum errors that has occurred, but want to verify that the actual infoframe is valid. How can we verify that?


Mats Randgaard