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ASRC (Sample Rate Converter) Audio Errors

Question asked by scottdickey1 on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by scottdickey1

I'm using the ASRC module provided by ADI to convert 44.1k mp3 files to 48k (the sample rate of my system).  The application is an mp3 player which will obviously have features like pause and play.  The problem is, when I immediately feed audio to the ASRC, there's a strange error that happens in the first 100ms or so.  Attached is an image of what the errors looks like with an 800Hz sine wave, essentially it cuts out a couple times before reaching a normal state.  At the beginning of a typical mp3 file, it's not a big issue since most mp3 files will start off with enough silence where this error isn't audible, but when a user pauses and plays again and there is audio immediately present to the ASRC, there is a noticeable click.  I've tried feeding the ASRC with 0's for a little before presenting any valid audio, but this didn't solve the problem.  Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!