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How to maximize my peripheral usage ?

Question asked by Guillaume on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by Mitesh

I am trying to use ADSP21489 to implement a control system. I found that even though the DSP chip provides a few peripherals, my application is unable to make full use of them, because of very limited DPI and external-port pins. In my application, the following peripherals are required,

·        10 channel PWM output – 10 address pins of External Port

·        one I2C – 2 DPI pins (it is used as a data bus to interact with an external MCU)

·        one SPI master to com with 4 external SPI slaves – 7 DPI pins

·        5 GPIO interrupt – 5 DAI pins.

·        one UART – 2 DPI pins

I have occupied 11 DPI pins and 10 address lines of the External port. It seems that neither DPI nor the external port can provide enough pins to interface SPI or parallel flash. I would like to seek your opinion, on whether there can be a solution to build all the above-mentioned peripherals.



Thanks for your time.