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VisualDSP++ simulator and Link Port

Question asked by KirillGagarski on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by CraigG



I am trying to receive data with the link port of ADSP-21469 using chained DMA. I wrote some code for that (see the attachment) and trying to run it on VisualDSP++ simulator. I have set up stream from file to link port 0 and started my program. And I am getting strange results.


First of all, I have disabled interrupts in LCTL0 (*pLCTL0 = LEN | LDEN | LCHEN). However, link port produces interrupts after first block of received data (I have also disabled PCI bit in the first block!).

Another strange thing is that there is zeros in LSTAT register when my program enters ISR (even if I unmask interrupts in LCTL0).


Unmasking interrupts does not change this behavior.


So, is it able to use link port streams in simulator? And if it is, can you tell me where am I wrong?


Thank you!