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ADV7511/ ADV7612 Eval Board

Question asked by wallman16 on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by mattp

Hi ,


Hi could you please let me know with regards to the following


Input A: Blu-ray -> HDMI (1080p,8bit,YPbPr422 , HDCP enabled )

Input B : PC - > DVI (1600x1200,8bit ,RGB,HDCP disabled)

Output : Protocol Analyser


1. We see that the LDO on the receiver  5V -> 1.8 V  gets hot (90 degree over ) i would like to know if this is a common issue on the Evaluation board .

2.When we switch to PC -> DVI input we see the Colour signals changes and  colour are strange .(Possible Firm bug ?)

and when we change from PC -DVI to HDMI there is no problem in the output  but the LDO remains Hot .


3.When we input the test Pattern found the following link we see that the output flickers and is normal with normal desktop(Background) .

   When we check for the Tx Pll we find the status to be unlock.We think the it is due to the Noise on the power line RX . 


Thanking you

With best regards and wishes