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LDR Programming Problem for BF592, SPI Mode.

Question asked by Hong on Apr 8, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by CraigG

We try to build the in-circuit flash programming function based on a costumed BF592 circuit board. We use AT25256 (EEPROM) but not a flash in the system for booting. We modified the flash programming API, and the system work well if we use the Device Programming Utility Tool to write the target .LDR file.

Then we tried to write the .LDR file into the EEPROM online. The LDR file was loaded and sent to the target board by the serial port. However, this time the booting failed.

A strange problem is that, when we read the right codes in EEPROM which was programmed by the Device Programming Utility Tool, we found it is not exactly the same with the codes in the target .LDR file. The first 0x180 bytes are the same but not the rest.

The LDR file is generated by Intel-Hex mode. Does the Device Programming Utility Tool change the LDR file in the programming process?? Or how can I burn the LDR file online??