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AD8363 - with shorted input, puts out 100mV

Question asked by Sophi on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by enash


I'm using the RF detector AD8363. With a shorted input across the antenna, I still get a 100mV on the output. Unshorting the input does nothing. The output does not change.

I've got 2 separate layouts for the AD8363, one contains a power supply, the other uses an external power supply (I did this in case the power supply created problems).

Both layouts create the same problem.

I have an AD8363 evaluation board, which works great. I'm using the exact circuit values given on page 18 of the datasheet. However, since I'm hand soldering/reflow I'm using 0805s instead of the much smaller components on the eval board.


I have checked all the voltages on all of the pins and compared them loosely against the evaluation board, I have not seen any differences except in the output. Perhaps the evaluation board uses a different circuit than the one given in the data sheet?


Thanks in advance for your help.