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with regards spec of ADV7180BCPZ

Question asked by wallman16 on Apr 6, 2012
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Hi ,


Could you please let me know with regards to the following with regards to ADV7180BCPZ .


1. There are 4 power DVDD,AVDD,PVDD =1.8V and DVDDIO =3.3 .Is there a Powering up sequence .


2. With regards to Pin 19(ELPF) which connects to External Loop Filter i would like it is a must to maintain the resistor values stated or can we use a common values resistor . For ex 1.69kΩ -> 1.6kΩ and 82nF-> 00nF(0.1uF)


3.With regards to Pin 25 (VREFN) and Pin 26 (VREFN) , termination is different on different version of the data sheet and Evaluation board .

   Data sheet Rev.G Page 111 states to connect it to a Capacitor

  Data sheet Rev.B Page 108 states to connect it to a GND

   Evaluation Board Circuitry says connect to GND  .

   What is actual termination that is Recommended


4.With regards to Pin 12 and Pin 13 which connects to 28.6363MHz crystal through resistor which 100Ω , could you please let me know what is the allowed tolerance +/- for this resistor .


Thanking you

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