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SPI master write for BF524

Question asked by FMowla on Apr 5, 2012



I am trying to write a simple c code for BF 524 where the blackfin, as a master, should write to an SPI slave. This is how I am configuring it:



*pPORTF_FER = PF10 | PF11 | PF12 | PF13;


*pSPI_BAUD = 50;

*pSPI_FLG |= FLS1;//Enable SPI SSEL1

*pSPI_CTL = MSTR |  TIMODE(1);//Master, 8-bit, Core Transmit mode


*pSIC_IMASK = 0x000002000;



I am not seeing any interrupts, so the transfer is not taking place. I am not too confident about my configuration.

Does anyone know what the SIC Mask should be for a BF 524?


If you can point me to a very simple example in C, that would be even better.

Thank you.