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Need Help with ADSP 21369 for Audio Processing

Question asked by grossi on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by Mitesh
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Hello i try to build a simple Simulation for a Guitar Amp . My Goal is it to load a clean piece of a Guitar Track ( as a .dat File  ) and do a simple Cliping and then a convolution with a Impulse Response( also a .dat file) from a Speaker and the clipped Signal.


Read in and modify the clean to clipped Signal work so far, but i have trouble with the convolution.

I think i have to use the Circular Buffer for this but i dont now how i do this right. Actual i have my input files

reduced to a size that i can work from PM and DM but for bigger files i think i need the SDRAM.


Is there anybody who can help my with the problems i try to describe.

1. Circular Buffer an right convolution

2. use the SDRAM to process bigger files


i use the ADSP 21369 and VDSP++ 4.5