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AD8251 Input Impedance

Question asked by patrikshah on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by Georgy

AD8250 has differential input impedance  of 5.3Gohms/ 0.5 pf.


I have input signal whose differential input impedance which is driving AD8250 is  10Mohms & 5pf.


My customer is saying that i may not be able to give differential signal to AD8250 directly as there will be impedance matching problem.


What i understand that AD8250 has good input impedance of 5.3Gohms. But only problem is 0.5pf. How this matter to my my input signal ?


1. Will there be loading ?

2. Do i need to match AD8250 input capacitance to the input signal requiremnt ?

3. How can i match that ?


Please answer for above questions.