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Question asked by gmd on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by gmd

Hello.  I am working with the ADV7612 and wold like further clarification on the meanming of the CP_LOCK_RAW and CP_UNLOCK_RAW register bits.  The UG-216 does not clearly explain what the signifigance of these status bit. 

What is the attribute or condition of the device that leads to assertion/deassertion of these CP_LOCK_RAW, CP_UNLOCK_RAW bits?

Is CP_LOCK_ST an indication that the input video data format has been locked onto by the CP and that the component processor  "decoder" is providing valid output timing?


Does the condition of the CP_LOCK_RAW being asserted indicate by functional definition that other lower level lock indicators such as V_LOCKED_RAW and DE_REGEN_LCK_RAW are also asserted?

Thank You.