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EVAL-AD7730EB, communication

Question asked by larsonsystemsinc on Apr 3, 2012
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I am using the EVAL-AD7730EB evaluation board with the supplied software
running on a PC under windows XP SP3. The software is constantly reporting that errors are detected while communicating with the AD7730 chip.

On almost every attempt to access the registers, an error is reported, I am therefore not able to evaluate the device.

I noticed there is no signal termination on the parallel port and so I have tried to add an R-C termination circuit to the serial clock line.

I have added a 100 ohm resistor and 150 PF cap in series, wired from IC5 pin 4 to IC5 pin 10.

This did not fix the problem, the program continually reports communication errors with the AD7730.

I believe the problem may be speed related as the machine I am using is a 3.00 GHZ Dell.
The version of software I am running is 2.0.6 dated Feb 2002.


Do you have a new version of software or a fix for this eval board?

Thank you,







Message was edited by: Glenn Rogers Note: ADI responded to this and suggested using the AD7192 eval board (which uses a USB interface). The USB interface works just fine. -Glenn