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ADV7180BCPZ Loses color at low temp

Question asked by AviationRecorder on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by GuenterL

     I have a fully working design using the ADV7180BCPZ as a single channel of composite NTSC video input only.This ADV7180BCPZ is interfaced to the BF527 BlackFin via the 8-bit PPI interface.The design works perfectly at room temperature. However, when the product is tested below -30*C, the video loses its color but there is no lost of cync. This very designed/product/board has passed the -55*C test in the past and there has been no changes made. We are seeing this problem with this new batch of boards. I am attaching the screen capture of the good and bad video files as well as a sanitized copy of the schematic.


I have:

    1. removed all ESD front-end protections to insure that none of them is contributing to the failure
    2. removed the board connector and wired the video coax directly to the board.
    3. conformal coated the whole circuit to rule-out condensation


Please help!