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Booting 2 codes in 21489

Question asked by ajith88 on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by Mitesh



I have 2 separate builds.

build1.ldr  (fused at 0th sector of flash)

build2.ldr (fused at 3rd sector of flash, also start address in project options is correctly defined)


Now on power on build1 will be booted. After performing some tasks in build1 i need to boot build2.

So i have written a code in build1 such that 1536 bytes will be read from 3rd sector and packed into 256 words of 48 bit and then copied to internal memory 0x08C000.

Final gave a instruction jump 0x8C005.


What else i need to do for build2 to be booted correctly.

like should i be using dma to copy 256 words to internal memory?

which all registers needs to be reset to default state before executing jump 0x8C005?...