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MEMS accelerometer questions (ADXL001, ADXL103/203)

Question asked by aswain571 on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by Kevin.G

Application: Place 1-axis (prefer 2 axes) accelerometer in the center of
a bullet to measure rotations of the bullet (up to 3000 turns/second) as
it flies.

Question #1: Where is the exact center of the sensing element on the
ADXL001 (and also ADXL203) relative to the package? We need to place the
sensing element precisely on the center of the axis of rotation, and not
offset (otherwise the reading will be overwhelmed with the cetripetal
force of rotation rather than measuring the bullet's orientation
relative to the earth).

Question #2: ADXL203 shows a bandwidth of 2.5KHz on the web site
Data sheet says "Sensor Resonant Frequency" 5.5KHz (typ.) Which is it ?

Question #3: Does the resonant frequency spec (let's say it's 5.5KHz)
mean that I can reliably measure the rotation of my bullet at 3000
turns/sec (or more) ?