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AD9726 Clock Feedtrough ?

Question asked by mbart on Mar 30, 2012
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I have experienced a clock feedtrough with a board  that we developed, with the AD9726.

The AD9726 is used with a 400MHz Clock.

The analog output of the AD9726 is not filtered and is converted in a -1V to +1V full scale voltage range.

The output programmed is a constant DC mid-scale level, so the board output is a DC 0V.


With a scope, I measured a 1mV oscillation waveform at 400MHz.

With a spectrum analyseur, I measured above 60dBm of peak at 400MHz.


There is no clock feed trough specified in the data sheet. Do you think the clock feed through is caused by the AD9726, or by the board we developed ?


Thanks a lot for your answer,