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Miss ISE project files when I downloaded reference design tar file of AD9467 Native FMC Card / Xilinx ML-605 Reference Design

Question asked by kev on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by rejeesh


Why can I find the whole package as you indicated?






Tar file contents

The tar file contains, in most cases, the following files and/or directories. To rebuild the reference design simply double click the XMP file and run the tool. To build SDK, select a workspace and use the C file to build the elf file. Please refer to Xilinx EDK documentation for details.

license.txt ADI license & copyright information.
system.bsb BSB wizard file.
system.mhs MHS file.
system.xmp XMP file (use this file to build the reference design).
data/   UCF file and/or DDR MIG project files.
docs/   Documentation files (Please note that this wiki page is the documentation for the reference design).
ise/    ISE project file(s) (for stand alone build) and/or simulation.
pcores/ Reference design core file(s) (Xilinx EDK).
scripts/ Individual scripts for platgen, xst, xflow etc. for command line run.
sw/     Software (Xilinx SDK) & bit file(s).
tb/     Test bench source file(s).