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Problem on ADV7401 EVAL

Question asked by adi_angela Employee on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by adi_angela

    I have bought an Evaluation board of ADV7401. I am trying to set the register values using ADV register config application. But the application is not working. While I was installing the software I got the following error. Please tell me what is the problem ASAP.  Further details if you need are given below.

1.       Operating system : Windows XP

2.       Version of application:3.56

3.       Software downloaded from:

4.       USB device is detected and listed under Human Interface device.


I tried it in 2 more systems. But it gave the same error.  My operating system is Windows XP Service Pack2. Have you installed the application in this OS and tried anytime? I even tried in Windows7. Gave the same error.