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[Q] Agilent ADS model for ADL5380 & ADL 5375

Question asked by priyankguddu on Mar 29, 2012
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We are in process or selecting RF IC's for digital RF card, we wanted to simulate the performance using ADS for end to end system.

Since Analog provides the models for ADS for ADC's and DAC, would it be possible to get the Agilent's ADS models for the RF IC mainly Quadrature modulator (ADL 5735 or equivalent) and Quadrature Demodulator  (ADL 5380).


In addition to above ADF4350 model becomes critical for PLL and VCO modeling for phase noise and imbalance that may be introduce.


Currently we are using some standard ADS models on which parameter mapping from datasheet seems to be too cumbersome and time taking.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.