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DSP stuck on instruction

Question asked by msonet on Mar 29, 2012
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I am using a EZ-Kit with an ADSP-21469.

I have this problem that happens sometime and then disappear and then come again.


When I start my program, nothing happens, the DSP seems stuck.

If I halt the target, I always find the PC stuck on the same instruction, just after a call to twidfftf.

Then if I continue the execution, the programs executes normally.

If I don't halt the program with the debugger, it remains stuck. I can see with statistical profiling that I am 100% in _twidfftf.


If I just change some unrelated instructions and compile again, the problem disappear.

So I suspect a problem of data or code alignment but can put my finger on it.


Could the DSP be in a trapped state without the debugger being notified ?


Here is the disassembly of the code where the DSP is stuck:

[125244]  cjump _twidfftf(db);

[125247]  dm(i7,m7)=r2;

[125248]  dm(i7,m7)=0x12524a;

[12524B] dm(0xfffffffe,i6)=m13  <= stuck on this line

[12524D]  r2=dm(0xfffffffe,i6);


Thanks for any tip or advice to investigate this problem.


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