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Options for CVBS NTSC or PAL input with BT.601 or BT.656 output...

Question asked by mwfortner on Mar 28, 2012
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I have an application that takes analog composite, interlaced, CVBS video – NTSC or PAL – from a camera, and then pushes it up a cable to another unit called the Camera Control Unit (CCU). At the CCU, the application uses codec chip to convert this analog video into BT.656 or BT.601. 


A new requirement has recently come up which would allow the transmission of progressive scan video from the camera, but still maintain composite CVBS in NTSC or PAL.


I know there are some codecs in the ADI portfolio which work well with progressive video, but this specific application needs to be component YCbCr instead of composite.  Yes, we are open to using a composite to component converter, but these generally reduce the video quality.


Does Analog Devices have a part which provides analog input for composite CVBS NTSC or PAL video that will support BOTH interlaced and non-interlaced format, with either a BT.601 or BT.656 output?


Thanks in advance for your help.