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Repeater Source Code for ADV7612-ADV7511

Question asked by AaronN on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2012 by AaronN

I have a customer that is using ADV7612-ADV7511 Evaluation Board to develop software driver for HDMI video w/o HDCP and having some difficulties.


He visited EngineerZone site and sounds like there a repeater source code package for ADV7612-ADV7511 for video w/o HDCP as shown below from the cut & paste:

  • Analog Devices can provide extensive software package under Software License Agreement.   It is usually an HDMI Repeater software (in case of 7611 - ported for a NXP  microcontroller).   Application is build in a way it can be ported to any environment and any microcontroller platform.

Can I get copy of that or any other material that would help write a driver for him?