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What is the effective accuracy of EPWM controller in BF60x?

Question asked by Nabeel Employee on Mar 28, 2012

For normal mode operation the accuracy of signals generated by EPWM controller is 1 peripheral clock period  i.e. TSCLK = 1/Fsclk.


However while operating in High precision mode the effective EPWM accuracy is increased by a factor of M where M is number of bits in PWM_HPxHy register used for edge placement and is dependent on the frequency of operation . The High Precision PWM (HPPWM) module thus provides increased performance to the PWM unit by increasing its resolution by M bits (M < 6). The enhanced effective resolution is therefore TSCLK / 2^M.

M is 6 when Fsclk = 125 MHz and is less than six for lower frequencies.