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with regards ADV7612

Question asked by wallman16 on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by GuenterL

Hi ,


We are evaluating ADV7612 and have some question with regards to the working .

Board design is as follows

Source Physical cable -> ADV7612 -> Custom board


After Reset till the input signal is applied we find the HSYNC , VSYNC and Enable signal has a Fixed state (High or Low ) Output .

When the Input is connected (Source PHY  ) the HSYNC , VSYNC and Enable starts to output , but when the Input is disconnected (Source PHY)

We see that the HSYNC , VSYNC and Enable is not set to Fixed state (High or Low state)  instead it is still output HSYNC , VSYNC and Enable signal .


Could you please let me know if there is a register setting  that Auto detects no input and Fix the HYSNC , VSYNC and other related signal to either High or Low .


Thanking you

With best regards and wishes