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How to make a lab view programme for running a dds like for a ad 9834

Question asked by manish.abraham on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by mantow

It is a programme which is made on a lab view, how do we make a programme on lab view i was not able to search for a block diagram for that.


I have a  design engineering project which has been undertaken in order to use a direct digital synthesizer understanding working of DDS, look at types of DDS, choosing from the specifications and to set accurate frequency in the range of 7.2 MHz to 9.2 MHz’s with a step size of 10 KHz. How do we calculate the range of input frequencies ?


·    How to Produce a circuit on lab view which will evaluate and be able to select the Desired Frequency by using the Evaluation Board AD_9834 (EVAL 9834EB). I have attached the planning and progress report could i please get help how to progress further.