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What are the new features of EPPI in BF60x.

Question asked by Nabeel Employee on Mar 27, 2012

EPPI module of BF60x has many new features which are listed out here:

  1. Ignoring the premature external frame syncs for data consistency.
  2. Data Clipping support extended to 10, 12 and 16 bits which was earlier supported for 8-bit data only.
  3. Data Mirroring and internal muxing feature which allows two cameras to be hooked to same PPI. To find more on this see
  4. Supports SMPTE274M and SMPTE 296M high definition formats in addition to ITU-656.
  5. Support for Delayed Start of EPPI Frame Sync generations which controls the period after which first frame sync is generated at start.
  6. DMA Finish Command Generation. The DMA finish command ensures that the PPI issues a FINISH Command through the DDE CMD line upon the completion of a FRAME/LINE. More on this feature here