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ADV7403 required setting for 480p video being sent on 10/8 bit

Question asked by Elle on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by mattp

Hello Matt,

As you asked me I am going to start a new thread for ADV7403.

I am working on sending the 480P on  656 10/8 bits.

I have used these settings for ADV7842 with 480p progressive component input and 10bit 656 output, and it worked.

0x40 reg(0x03)=0x01 //output 10 bit SDR

0x40 reg(0x19)=0xC0 //double the LLC frequency

0x40 reg(0x33)=0x40

here is the link to the conversation

Right now I need to have the same setting "480p progressive component input and 10bit 656 output" on ADV7403, I have looked into the datasheet but it looks that this is a different die. Would you please send me the script for this mode on ADV7403.