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Disabling of UART chained DMA in ADSP-21369.

Question asked by ABH2012 on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by Mitesh

I want to use DMA for receiving data from the ADSP-21369 UART0.

It will be a chained DMA set-up and my question is:

Can I temporarily disable DMA (by setting UARTDEN = 0 in the UART0RXCTL register) and expect that the DMA resumes operation when re-enabled?

UART0RXCTL register = UARTEN  |UARTDEN | UARTCHEN when DMA is enabled

UART0RXCTL register = UARTEN | UARTCHEN when DMA is disabled

Should the UARTCHEN bit remain unchanged during the disabled period, or should it also be set to zero?

The disable period will be very short, just long enough to safely read the status of the DMA registers and the DMA receive buffer.