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How to load data into specific memory address and assign to a array in C

Question asked by jasmine on Mar 22, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by CraigG
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Thank you Harshit, that solve part of my question.

About the script, basically I learnt it from ADI discussion: 'how to use a script to retrieve memory blocks (data) and use them to simulate and compare with matlab' on how to fill and dump memory with script.


I would like to load a set of float data from external '.txt' file to memory automatically and the data are ready to be used (in array) after I build the project. 


As per your example, I allocate memory in .ldf and add #pragma section in  C source, then add the script to project options>pre-build.

When I build the project, I notice that the data were written to the allocated memory, but it becomes zero  (as shown in the memory>two column)after linking . I couldn't figure out why, maybe you could help to answer this?  I did not set zero_init in the ldf section.


I notice that you do not add $LIBRARIES to your seg_mydata, I request you kindly clear my doubt on when can I omit the $LIBRARIES ?


Also, do you have example on how and when to use RUNTIME_INIT and MEMINIT?


On another try out, I found that I could load the data with:

#pragma section("seg_mydata")

float testdata[2048] = {

#include "test.txt"


Please advise if there is other simpler and faster method to load real-time data.


Thank you in advance.