Power supply reference design for Xilinx Kintex FPGA

Discussion created by LucaV Employee on Mar 26, 2012

FPGAs are very flexible and customizable devices and we often receive questions from customers asking for a reference design for a particular PFGA.

FPGA vendors such as Xilinx and Altera publish tools to estimate power requirements of their FPGAs based on operating conditions and configuration.


It is important that the user develops a good understanding of the FPGA operating conditions and the additional circuitry the system needs to power.

In general each board level design has unique power requirements. Ideally the designer makes a list of all the power rails and their current and voltage requirements to identify a suitable power chain.

Then with the help of ADIsimPower each power rail can be designed and optimized.


For users that want a quick glance at a possible solution we have a few reference designs published on the web site.

As an example this ADP1850 based design meets the Xilinx Kintex 7 requirement based on a AVNET developed board


ADP1850: 12.0 Vin, 8 Outputs at 2A to 8A NEW  (pdf, 947 kB)

[PRD1366] Proven design for powering Xilinx 7 series devices. Meets tolerance and sequencing guidelines set by Xilinx. Uses ADP1850 dual output synchronous buck controller.


Other reference design will be published here