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Convert Left Justified to Right Justified

Question asked by willrobot on Mar 27, 2012
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I've try to do several things to convert Left Justified data I receive from DMA connected to a serial COM to ad1836 to right justified but couldn't find the way.


my last attempt was:



      in_test2[count_DMA] = (iChannel1RightIn & 0x80000000) | ((iChannel1\

RightIn >> 8) & 0x00FFFFFF) ;

        if((in_test2[count_DMA] & 0x00F00000) == 0x00F00000 )
       in_test2[count_DMA] = in_test2[count_DMA] & 0xFF0FFFFF;


        if((in_test2[count_DMA] & 0x000F0000) == 0x000F0000 )
       in_test2[count_DMA] = in_test2[count_DMA] & 0xFFF0FFFF;


        if((in_test2[count_DMA] & 0x0000F000) == 0x0000F000 )
           in_test2[count_DMA] = in_test2[count_DMA] & 0xFFFF0FFF;


        if((in_test2[count_DMA] & 0x00000F00) == 0x00000F00 )
           in_test2[count_DMA] = in_test2[count_DMA] & 0xFFFFF0FF;


        if((in_test2[count_DMA] & 0x000000F0) == 0x000000F0 )
       in_test2[count_DMA] = in_test2[count_DMA] & 0xFFFFFF0F;



on a 440 Hz sinusoidal that output the following left justified hex val from the DMA buffer here is one period received from ad1836:



this is the original values


COREB: 77,80b00                                                           
COREB: 78,43fc00                                                          
COREB: 79,7f6500                                                          
COREB: 80,b93e00                                                          
COREB: 81,f0f100                                                          
COREB: 82,128d500                                                         
COREB: 83,1606f00                                                         
COREB: 84,187eb00                                                         
COREB: 85,1bc5d00                                                         
COREB: 86,1f2e200                                                         
COREB: 87,2168900                                                         
COREB: 88,2428500                                                         
COREB: 89,252d900                                                         
COREB: 90,2865500                                                         
COREB: 91,296d600                                                         
COREB: 92,2ad9c00                                                         
COREB: 93,2be0500                                                         
COREB: 94,2de5700                                                         
COREB: 95,2e48300                                                         
COREB: 96,2f63400                                                         
COREB: 97,2ec2800                                                         
COREB: 98,2f6d400                                                         
COREB: 99,2f5eb00                                                         
COREB: 100,2f1c100                                                        
COREB: 101,2f04600                                                        
COREB: 102,2dafb00                                                        
COREB: 103,2b90a00                                                        
COREB: 104,2b07600                                                        
COREB: 105,2929300                                                        
COREB: 106,2694000                                                        
COREB: 107,24a9f00                                                        
COREB: 108,226d400                                                        
COREB: 109,1ffca00                                                        
COREB: 110,1e35900                                                        
COREB: 111,1ab1d00                                                        
COREB: 112,17c4700                                                        
COREB: 113,151d200                                                        
COREB: 114,117fd00                                                        
COREB: 115,e49500                                                         
COREB: 116,aacc00                                                         
COREB: 117,6c0200                                                         
COREB: 118,261400                                                         
COREB: 119,fffb7400                                                       
COREB: 120,ffb87800                                                       
COREB: 121,ff82f000                                                       
COREB: 122,ff357600                                                       
COREB: 123,fefbd700                                                       
COREB: 124,fecaf900                                                       
COREB: 125,fe8bc500                                                       
COREB: 126,fe3e4700                                                       
COREB: 127,fe115700                                                       
COREB: 128,fdca6d00                                                       
COREB: 129,fd905f00                                                       
COREB: 130,fd55ae00                                                       
COREB: 131,fd1f5900                                                       
COREB: 132,fce0c700                                                       
COREB: 133,fca81000                                                       
COREB: 134,fc786700                                                       
COREB: 135,fc567600                                                       
COREB: 136,fc328b00                                                       
COREB: 137,fbfc5a00                                                       
COREB: 138,fbe4d100                                                       
COREB: 139,fbb1a700                                                       
COREB: 140,fba73800                                                       
COREB: 141,fb836000                                                       
COREB: 142,fb66e400                                                       
COREB: 143,fb58f700                                                       
COREB: 144,fb5bcf00                                                       
COREB: 145,fb3ebc00                                                       
COREB: 146,fb3f1900                                                       
COREB: 147,fb31ed00                                                       
COREB: 148,fb2cc900                                                       
COREB: 149,fb3a5500                                                       
COREB: 150,fb4fea00                                                       
COREB: 151,fb4c8600                                                       
COREB: 152,fb6bbf00                                                       
COREB: 153,fb782a00                                                       
COREB: 154,fb8dcc00                                                       
COREB: 155,fba78700                                                       
COREB: 156,fbc90b00                                                       
COREB: 157,fbe8ea00                                                       
COREB: 158,fc101400                                                       
COREB: 159,fc2c3a00                                                       
COREB: 160,fc680c00                                                       
COREB: 161,fc9a2a00                                                       
COREB: 162,fcbf6e00                                                       
COREB: 163,fcfa2d00                                                       
COREB: 164,fd226100                                                       
COREB: 165,fd588300                                                       
COREB: 166,fd920f00                                                       
COREB: 167,fdce7300                                                       
COREB: 168,fe122800                                                       
COREB: 169,fe554400                                                       
COREB: 170,fe845700                                                       
COREB: 171,fed5b900                                                       
COREB: 172,ff052100                                                       
COREB: 173,ff409400                                                       
COREB: 174,ff895400                                                       
COREB: 175,ffcb2100                                                       
COREB: 176,fff74000                                                       

COREB: 177,403f00