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oprofile on BlackFin uClinux

Question asked by jgraley1 on Mar 26, 2012
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I am trying to enable oprofile according to the instructions at


I believe the kernel hooks are going in OK, and that the oprofile project under user/blkfin_apps/opprofile/ is being built, but the resulting user-space executables (opreport, opcontrol etc) are not appearing anywhere in the target uClinux system. I am investigating but cannot see how these executables are supposed to get onto the target. Here's what I have found:


- There is a makefile (lower-case m) in user/blkfin_apps/opprofile/ which appears to be for integration into Linux. It has a "romfs" target, but I cannot see how this gets invoked by the Linux build system. I cannot invoke it directly without knowing what environment variables need to be set.


- The uclinux build process produces rootfs.cramfs, which I suspect should contain apps that will appear in the filesystem on the target. I cannot find where in the makefile system rootfs.cramfs is created, and I cannot see which sub-directory it is created from.


I realize I may be required to copy the executables over to the target myself, which is fine, but not mentioned in the instructions. I cannot find any definitive list of which built objects should be copied. Most likely, the problem I have here is not specific to oprofile or uClinux, but is just general confusion about Linux's build system - but if somebody here has had the same problem, they may be able to shed light.


Any help much appreciated.


Cheers, John