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Testing ADC Control Module of BF60x

Question asked by Prashant Employee on Mar 26, 2012

Q.1>> I want to test ADC Control Module (ACM) of BF60x processor with my EZ-KIT.

But looks like BF60x does not have internal ADC (like the one we have on BF506F processor).

Also, there is no any on-board ADC chip (like the one we have on BF518 EZ-KIT) which can be used for testing.

How can I test ACM with an ADC then?

Ans>> Your understanding is correct- BF60x processor does not incorporates internal ADC. So, you may have to use ADC evaluation board or ADC Extender card for BF60x EZ-KIT. (If you have BF518 EZ-KIT, then you can use ADC on that board, by just powering on the board with appropriate SW settings)



Q.2 > I have BF506F EZ-KIT. can I use internal ADC of BF506F processor to it test with BF60x ACM?

Ans> Yes, you can use internal ADC of BF506F processor.



Q.2.a> So, is there any code required to run on BF506F processor in order to use internal ADC of this processor?

Ans > No. Just connect the ACM and SPORT signals  (with GND pin) between the boards and power on the BF506F EZ-KIT. Preferably keep BF506 processor in idle.



Q.2.b> In that case, is there any Hardware settings required for B506 EZ-KIT.

Ans> Certainly. Preferably set BMODE = 0 (before powering ON the board), so that processor will not drive any signals (which may got messed-up with signals connected BF60x or ADC).

Make SW4 ON and use SPORT1 signals of BF506 (as only SPORT1 signals are connected to ADC output).

Apply Analog input to INPUT header of the board.



Q.2.c> Do you have any sample code for configuring ACM / SPORT registers of BF60x?

Ans> Attached is the code to test ACM module of BF60x with internal ADC of BF506F. You can use this for the reference.