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Re: BF60x PIXC new features

Question asked by vinodbableshwar on Mar 26, 2012

The base design for the PIXC (Pixel Compositor) is from BF54x. This block essentially has features to do graphics/text overlays, colour space conversion, alpha blending etc. There are a few enhancements to the data formats supported. DMA support is available for data movement. A PxP interface has been added as well to interface to the Video Subsystem.


1. Data Formats supported

- The BF54x PIXC supported two data formats at the input as well as the outputs - YUV422 and RGB888. This will be extended to support RGB666 and RGB565.These two new formats would be supported only for the image input channel and the output. The overlay image has to be in RGB 888 or YUV 422.


2. PxP Interface

- The PIXC supports a pixel pipe (PxP) interface at the input as well as the output sides. The input side is multiplexed with the DMA channel

carrying the input image data from memory. The video subsystem connectivity determines whether the PIXC image data source is connected to the IFIFO or the Pixel Pipe. The output composite image/color converted image can be either transferred to memory via DMA or to the PVP/EPPI via the PxP.