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How to configure GP Timer in Broadcast mode?

Question asked by vinodbableshwar on Mar 26, 2012

Using Broadcast feature we can update TMRx_WIDTH, TMRx_DELAY and TMRx_PERIOD registers of more than one timer. It means with single PAB broadcast write, software can update either delay or period or width register of timer ranging 0 to 15. To support broadcast feature, Broadcast Period register, Broadcast Width register and Broadcast Delay register are there in timer‟s common register address space. To perform a broadcast on any of these registers, software should follow the following sequence.


1. Enable the appropriate enable bits (e.g. bit 13 BROADCAST_WIDTH_EN in timer configuration register of say Timers 0,5,6) before using broadcast.

2. Perform PAB write on appropriate broadcast register in common register space. (E.g. on TMR_BROADCAST_WIDTH in above example.)

3. Step 2 will update all the WIDTH registers of those timers on which BROADCAST_WIDTH_EN is in set state. Other timers will not be impacted by this transaction.


Attached is an example code where Timers 0,1,2 have this Broadcast feature enabled. Data interrupt is enabled only for Timer 0. Inside the ISR, the broadcast registers are configured which will be broadcasted to Timer 1 and 2 also since they have their broadcast enable bit set.