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Serial Port Codes on BF60x

Question asked by Prashant Employee on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by SJ.KIM

Below attached are the simple codes which can be used as reference to understand how Serial Ports (SPORT) on BF60x processors are programmed.


Notes:  All the codes are programmed to run on Core-0. An idle code DXE can be loaded into Core-1.

              If wanted to run these codes on core-1, I believe, only SEC programming in the codes will be changed (i.e. SPORT/DMA register settings, programming will be same). Enable Core-1 in the Core-0 code.

             Some of the codes are written to test data transfer between two SPORT halves. So, two SPORT halves settings used could be same. However, note that two SPORT halves can be independently configured with any settings (unless they are paired by SPMUX).