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Force of throw of dice

Question asked by alanm on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by JeradL

I am a doctor working in New Zealand and have very rudimentary electronics knowledge. For a psychology experiment, I would like to make a device that measures or is an index of the force of throw of dice.

I have considered:

1. Measuring the loudness of the impact of the dice. The area under the dB - time curve will probably reflect force of throw. The problem is that background noise including shouts of joy or otherwise,  may make this impractical!

2. I wondered if an accelerometer could be placed inside the dice and the signal picked up wirelessly. Is this feasible or fantasy? I suspect there is nothing that small. Any help community?

3. I wondered if the path of the dice could be tracked. The length of path would probably be proportional to the force with which the dice is thrown. How to measure this quickly and repeatedly when potentially 100 subjects are being tested?

4. Measuring the maximum speed of the dice is another option. I doubt if that would be feasible without quite bulky radar of similar equipment etc and one of the necessary conditions is that study participants don't know that measurements are being made.

Would be very grateful for any help and bright ideas