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Help needed in selecting a Blackfin Evaluation Module that will support dual camera

Question asked by sbasu3 on Mar 24, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by jobo23

Hi ,

      I am thinking of building a stereo vision system with the following specs:

  • Supports two Camera modules (OmniVision OV9650 CMOS Color Camera)
  • Will Have abundant RAM (32MB+)
  • Should be capable of running an OS (uClinux)
  • GNU tool-set should be available
  • Should have a USB port ; Ethernet not necessary
  • API to be built which provides access to various functions on the system
  • High MFLOPS capability ; High MFLOPS/Watt


Is there a BlackFin Evaluation system which has all the above functionality. Also availability in India is a concern. Does AD provide some design customization particularly to support the two camera modules.