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Question asked by daniele on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by daniele

Dear Sirs,

we're using BF537 with DSA Micrel KSZ8893


The system works fine with 2010R1.


We're testing upgrade to 2011R1, but we've a problem with the network.


If we try to do a download with wget from a web server, we can download very small file (like favicon.ico) but we can not download larger file.

This is only an example, but the network doesn't work fine, so for ftpd server (download/upload file), and also with netperf and netserver (sometimes they work, sometimes they doesn't work).


With dmesg drirver seems to be correctly load.


In attachment our board.c for 2010 and board.c for 2011.


We suppose we did something wrong in 2011, because we've to take dsa driver from BF518 stamp.c and import them in our board.


Thank you in advanced for you kind cooperation.