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Problems to set the output frame buffer at the SHARC 21369-EZ-Kit Lite board

Question asked by StefanJar on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by Mitesh


We are using the SHARC 21369-EZ-Kit Lite board for some audio application. It is setup with the factory default jumper configuration. Our project is based on the "Block Based TalkThru (C)" project. The sources are attached at this post by a zip file.

There is some difference to the std. takthru project. We are using our own expert linker file (main.ldf).


Some matlab generated code is included. It realizes a Band-Pass-Filter.

Compiling and linking the project works without any problems.


Now to our problem:

1.) reading a set of samples from the buffer works

2.) writing samples to the buffer by converting them from float to unsigned int fails.


Debug etc.:

- LED 3 toggles when a frame of 1024 samples (512 left & 512 right) is received

- the "subbassFilter_step" matlab function is deactivated and the "byPass" function witch sets all outputs to zero.


Maybe some of you have some idea where our error is located! I personally think there is some pointer error or DMA hazard.