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ADV7612-ADV7511 Question

Question asked by AndreSA on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by AndreSA

I am using ADV7612-ADV7511 Evaluation Board to develop a software driver for HDMI video w/o HDCP.


Here is my challenge:

  1. I download Analog Device’s script for 1080i x60Hz.
  2. When I connect my Video Pattern generator to the Eval board, ADV7612 recognizes it as HDMI video and ADV7511 outputs the video.
  3. When I connect my Samsung Camcorder to the Eval board, ADV7612 recognizes it as DVI video and ADV7511 does not output the video.


On the other hand, If I run the repeater software on the Eval Board’s Blackfin, Samsung Camcorder is recognized as HDMI video and everything works.

  1. Any idea what is causing this problem?
  2. Is it possible to get some document as to how the repeater code is setting up the ADV7612-ADV7511 registers for video w/o HDCP?
  3. Is there any repeater source code package for ADV7612-ADV7511 for video w/o HDCP?