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Die Temperature Measurement on BF60x processor

Question asked by Prashant Employee on Mar 22, 2012

The BF60x is the first Blackfin processor family which incorporate an on-chip thermal diode that can be used to monitor the die temperature of processor. The Thermal Diode is a grounded collector, PNP bipolar junction transistor. The processor provides emitter (named as TDA) and base (TDK) of this transistor. These pin should be used by external sensor to determine the die temperature.


BF60x EZ-KIT provides a digital temperature sensor (ADM1032) for this purpose


The sensor outputs two signals (TEMP_IRQ and TEMP_THERM) according to Temperature levels set. The Host uses these signal to take the appropriate action upon breaching of set tempertaure.

EE-346, a SHARC application note can be useful to understand how thermal Diode can be used in a system.


The attached can be used as reference to understand how ADM1032 part can be programmed, how processor can read it's die temperature (through TWI interface of processor) and how it uses output signals of sensor.