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Questions about interfacing an ADV7180 to a ADV212

Question asked by HankZ on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by digitalone

1: In the ADV7180 Data Sheet REF F. under I2C Examples for the 64-LEAD LQFP in Table 109 on page 105 the 2nd entry is:
Register 0x04 and value 0x57. Looking at the register map a value of 0x57 does not seem possible based on the bit definitions of the Extended Output Control Register. Also I checked REV G and it has the same 0x57 value. Which is right the Register Map definitions or the 0x57 value?

2: I have an application where I need the ability to setup the ADV7180 and ADV212 via a config file uploaded to my host firmware. The ADV212 has the "Firmware Parameter Encode Settings" defined which I can put in my config file and send to the ADV212 during initialization. The AD7180 on the other hand has tons of registers. I am not sure which ones I need to put in my config file. Under the I2C Programming Examples it shows only setting 10 register values for setup. Are these the only ones I would need to put in the config file? Or would I need to include many more? Thanks.

3: The various FIFOs allow you to set a threshold register as follows:
PIXEL FIFO: 256 max
CODE FIFO: 512 max
ATTR FIFO: 256 max

What is the actual size of each of these FIFOs? It would be good to know this information.

4 :    I found the following zip file in the Tech documentation area: I believe this applies to the EVAL-ADV7180LQEBZ eval board. Inside the zip I found the following file: ADV7180_ADV7180@_ADV7393-VER.1.0LQFP64.txt. It is a simple script for setting up the ADV7180 and the other chip on the board.

I am trying to determine if this eval board would be useful to me. What is the software user interface provided with this eval board? Does it just execute these script files or does it provide a UI for setting all the registers etc.?

5: In ADV7180 REV G Data Sheet under I2C Programming Examples 64-LEAD LQFP Table 109. There are some registers that I don't see defined in the documentation anywhere. Here they are
3E set to 6A "BLM optimization"
3F set to A0 "BGB optimization"
55 set to 81 "ADC configuration"
Also the value 80 "Hidden Space" is not defined for register 0E. What is the purpose of these undefined registers and values? I don't see them documented anywhere but in these examples.