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AD9548 Register load order

Question asked by tomphelps on Mar 21, 2012
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Is it possible to let me know the complete register load sequence the AD9548 evaluation software undertakes when loading a .stp file.


I currently have both an evaluation board and a layout of my own that will work when it has been loaded from an .stp file that I have created and saved. Both of the boards fail however if I follow the getting started sequence from the device data sheet loading the registers one at a time and emitting the optional registers such as the multifunction pins.


With the number of register loads that are undertaken It will take to long to review the writes with an oscilloscope and I don't have any form of reader or data logger. 


It would be appreciated if an Analogue Device Engineer would be able to provide the full sequence write sequence from the AD9548 evaluation software once a .stp file is loaded.


Look forward to your response.


Kind Regards