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Video delay using ADC - buffer - DAC

Question asked by Mullins42 on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2012 by GuenterL

Hi all,


First post here even after being a long time Analog devices customer!

I'm a bit out of my depth at the moment as I'm being pushed into a video project that I'm not too sure about.


Basically I have two analogue cameras (Left and Right).


I want to synchronise the two composite outputs of these cameras so that they are effectively ten locked (The cameras are small and don't have the capability on board).


What I was thinking of doing was reading the field sync data from camera 1 and comparing it to camera 2.  Once I know the time difference between the two, I could feed the video from one camera through a delay circuit so that the two are in sync.


Good in theory right?


I guess the question is, how do I delay the video from one camera (Composite PAL probably).


Can I input the signal into a video ADC, do something with it and then spit it back out of a DAC?


Thanks for your suggestions and advice in advance,