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Crosstalk on FFC (ADG3308)

Question asked by avjkf on Mar 21, 2012
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My customer are using ADG3308 as 1.8V to 3.3V translator in their system.

The frequencies of the signals are 1MHz.

Outputs of ADG3308 are inputed to the other board via FFC.

Then crosstalk occures on FFC(length:8cm).


They cannot put ground lanes between signals in FFC.

So I suggested to use the shielded FFC and then the crosstalk reduced.

But my customer wants to know the root cause.

I think this issue is attributed to high output impedance of ADG3308 because when they use the low impedance buffer instead of ADG3308 then the crosstalk didn't occur.

But I don't have any corroboration.

Does anyone know the reason why this issue occurs?