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Switching from Standard SPORT operation to Chained SPORT DMA operation in ADSP21065

Question asked by Adeel on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by Harshit.Gaharwar

Dear All,

            I am developing an application in which the ADSP21065L receives a 32-word (1024 bits) length data buffer  via the SPORT using chained DMA operation. The serial SPORT data is coming at a bit rate of 10 Mega bits per second. There is a SYNCH pattern of 16-bits embedded into the serial data stream received by DSP SPORT.

My application needs to detect SYNCH in the incoming data stream which could be anywhere in the 32-word (or 1024 bit length) received buffer. Once the SYNCH pattern is detected, then I need to enable to the DMA Chained mode operation such that the data from next bit onwards is automatically received in the receive buffer via chained DMA operation, without involving the DSP core.

Hence the DSP core first needs to detect the presence of SYNCH in the incoming data stream using standard SPORT receive operation. Once the SYNCH is detected, the chained SPORT DMA operation takes over relieving the DSP core to perform other tasks.


Could someone suggest how it could be accomplished ?



Adeel Malik