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ADV7393 SFL Telegram Format & Controlling PAL Color Framing

Question asked by cdsteinkuehler on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by cdsteinkuehler

I am attempting to use the SFL pin on the ADV7393 in SFL mode (register 0x84 = 0x06) to provide full control over the output color framing.


Using the limited documentation in the data-sheet, I am generating a custom SFL telegram from an FPGA.  I also have some video decoders on my boards I have used to create examples of "official" SFL packets (ADV7181 and ADV7403).


My confusion stems from the fact that while the ADV7393 data sheet indicates there are 22 bits of color subcarrier frequency provided in the SFL packet, both the ADV7403 and ADV7181 seem to output 23 bits of frequency data, and the ADV7393 encoder does not generate the correct subcarrier frequency if I do not correctly set all 23 frequency bits, including the undocumented bit in time slot 63.


Also interesting is that the required 23 bits of subcarrier frequency with the LSB in time slot 63 exactly matches the Philips documentation for the subcarrier phase value in their Real Time Control output (see for example the SAA7111A datasheet). there someplace I can get a correct description of the SFL packet format required by the ADV7393, or at least an affirmation of the 23-bit frequency value with the LSB in time-slot 63?