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ADA4075-2 and SSM2167 Q's

Question asked by dlh on Mar 19, 2012
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We are looking at using the ADA4075-2 instead of the OP275, as recommended by ADI, as a balanced line driver to the AD1974. However, the reference design uses trimpots whereas these are not shown for the OP275 reference design. As we are looking to have 12-16 inputs per PCB, it isn't feasible to tune each individual trimpot. Can these be left out or are there standard resistor values which are used which produce 'good enough' results.


Further to this, there are in some places specifications for the ADA4075-2 and SSM2167 in the datasheets as to what type of capacitors to use, however not always. I was wondering for a general idea of what types of capacitors are suitable for these devices. I have read conflicting information about how 'bad' ceramic capacitors are in audio etc and just want to get some device specific info.